Why Does Process Matter?

We are frequently asked what separates a successful software deployment from the all-too-frequent failures out there. In our experience, we can confidently say that it all comes down to one thing — rigorous project management.

You already have a lot on your plate – and your time is money. So we’ve designed our services to help you finish on time and on budget. With happier clients and fewer headaches, you maintain your profitability – and can move on to the next job.



Success starts with being on the same page. With a thorough kick-off, all the stakeholders will know what to expect before we write a line of code. We…

  • Review all provided system drawings and documentation
  • Wireframe the system navigation and functionality for client review
  • Finalize the functional scope of the control programming


User experience is more than just fancy graphics. Our designers take pride in producing the easiest-to-use interfaces in the industry. Aesthetic appeal is just a bonus! We…

  • Design clean, intuitive user experiences
  • Accommodate a range of customization budgets
  • Provide review mockups of the final design


Great code does more than just work. It supports the user experience, anticipates user behavior, and is structured with an eye to future extension. We…

  • Create solid device control code that mitigates user error
  • Write organized, meticulously commented code that any programmer can service
  • Back it all with a 180-day warranty
Machine Gears  


We see the job through to the end. Whether we’re commissioning onsite or playing a supporting role to your tech team, we’re not done until you are. We provide…

  • A choice of onsite turnkey commissioning or remote support
  • A copy of the licensed source code and documentation
  • Optional network configuration and DM commissioning